Puerto Vallarta fishing Janurary-1-2010
Captain Steve Torres has been putting the boat out
daily for extreme offshore hookups of Sailfish, Blue
and Black
Marlin and more Yellowfin than you can
hold in your coolers. Hooked and Released this past
week were a 650 lb. Blue and a 700 lb Black Marlin.
At El Banco, the tuna catch has been off the hook in
the 50-250 lb. range. A real nice Alice Tuna weighing
240 lbs was caught by angler, Dan Gentles from New
Jersey , Christmas Week. Don’t see those too often!
There is plenty of Dorado/Mahi for the taking in a
wide range of weights- more than enough to make a
good day of fishing. Inshore, you can usually hook up
Roosters, Toros (Jack Cravelle), Bonita, Spanish
Mackerel, Snappers and Skippies. The tuna have
been sticking around due to cooler water temps this
season. El Nino or climate change- don’t know but it
makes for great fishing days this month!
On December 18-19, boat Owner Dan Gilmartin; son,
Cory Gilmartin; and Dan Gentles took an overnight
trip to El Banco from the dock at Paradise Village,
Nuevo Vallarta. After hooking up bait of Skipjack and
Bullet Tuna in the Bay of Banderas we were off to
chase the Yellowfin at El Banco. Arriving at 8:30am,
they began the slow troll. By 9:00 am we had the first
Yellowfin strike and reeled in a 90 pounder. By the
end of a crazy day we hauled in 9 Yellowfin Tuna with
a total weight of 640 pounds! This was a Top Ten
Day for Captain Steve and First Mate, Freddie on the
Sirena. The catch had to be unloaded at Punta Mita
by 11:00pm so the boat would have room for more!
By 4:30am, Sirena was fast trolling lures and brought
up a Marlin by the time we hit El Banco. A beautiful
sunrise and perfect bay weather presaged another
perfect day. Lots of birds working north landed us
right in Tuna territory. The Bullet Tuna bait worked
best and by 2:00pm another 14 Yellowfin Tuna were
boated. Dan Gentles was renamed “THE TUNA-
NATOR” by the crew! He landed 80% of the catch, all
standing up, with the hat-trick, 245lb Alice Tuna --the
last hook-up of the day on the way in. Folks, that’s
1,400 pounds for 23 tuna caught in two days! This
trip was TEAM WORK at its best!
The experienced team of Captain Steve and First
Mate Freddie are a wonder to watch in action. It’s a
well orchestrated show from running the boat, finding
the fish, handing the rods off, and boating the catch.
Remember that memories of a Great Fishing Trip for
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Steve and Freddy
Puerto Vallarta fishing report Jan - 28 -10.
Sailfish, Blue, and striped Marlin and mahi mahi are
boiling north of point of punta de Mita and  
Cortebetena We went out yesterday and nailed 12
mahi's and a sailfish right off the point the bigger
Yellowfin tuna are still boiling but way out past the
bank so if you want to get into tuna  now is the time
but you need a full day 60 70 miles offshore but if you
hard core tuna angler it is definetly worth it. The
Billfishing is incredible this time of the year even
though the bigger Black marlins are not here right now
the smaller 100-250 lb Blue
marlins and the 100-200
lb Striped Marlins about 22 miles from the Marina so
you don't need a 12 hr day to get a nice Billfish.
Puerto Vallarta fishing report 02/2010
We are at the time of the year when the
bigger tuna's and black Marlin have
moved for warmer water this is the
season for Sailfish, Striped Marlin,
Roosterfish, Grouper, smaller  tuna's and
lots of mahi mahi. / Dorado.
We went out for a 8 hr day first thing we
saw when we reached the north side of
the point was a nice sailfish sleeping on  
the surface  more then a mile offshore
Freddy tossed him a nice goggle eye
breakfast burrito and we had our first
hook up of the day,  We started trolling
about an hour later and around noon a
nice Striped
Marlin took a bb lure  trolling
along the northshore, the Sail was about
2 hours when the captain spotted  a  big
90 lbs and the marlin about 130 lbs after the marlin it was quiet for about  
School of mahi mahi Freddy starting casting bait after bait  and had 3
triple hook up biggest being about 35 lbs, it was great day total 9 Mahi mahi's striped Marlin  and 1 Sailfish. for
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Puerto Vallarta fishing report
March / 06 /2010
Captain Steve Torres Has been on a
tuna hunt even though it is late season
Captain Steve found a great boil of
Yellowfins but way offshore about 20
miles past the El Banco so it is about a
70 mile run from the Marina Vallarta.  
We left the docks last Tuesday a little
before 4 am hit the fishing grounds
about 7 am, and right as we
approached the Island we saw a nice
flock of birds and smaller tuna’s
“jumping just like the other day”Captain
Steve “said smaller tunas jumping early
and the big bite in the afternoon after
2pm” We had a first hook up after
about 15 minutes drifting and casting
live bait, nice little footballs about 30-40
lbs great Sashimi to start off the day,
after we boated the first tuna we caught
up with the School and as soon as we
starting drifting again, there was
another bite then another then 1 more
all about the same l.size 30 -50 lbs that
got everyone’s blood going we kept
catching one after another with 1 more
triple hook up, then at about 2 pm we
decided to get a little further away from
the Island and try for the bigger tuna’s
We drove about a mile Captain Steve spotted some birds and we were back on top of them. Then we all saw a
big splash in the water behind us much bigger then we had seen all day and 5 minutes after that we were hooked
up again this Yellowfin had a little more size about 120 lbs to top the day, total count eleven Yellowfin tuna’s-30-
60 lb range and one that was about 120 lbs. check out our latest promo fishing
video here and we will also have
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Puerto Vallarta fishing report
March 2010
Captain Steve Torres does it again
catching a huge black
Marlin in March!  
Every Angler in Puerto Vallarta is asking
themselfes have the big Puerto Vallarta
surprise with late tuna bite still boiling at
El Banco and a now this huge black
Marlin caught at el morro that this is
definitely going to be a interesting  
Puerto Vallarta sportfishing season.
The guys heading out a little after 7 am
for a short 6 hr day we went in between
the rocks at Islas marrietas and El morro
fishing for Jack Crevalle and Roosterfish,
when captain Steve Spotted a big fin
popping out of the water he trolled to the
direction where he had saw the fin going  
and boom around 9:30 am  We had a
big hook up! which ending up being  
almost a 6 hour fight with a 638 lb Black
Marlin! The Marlin bit a live bait bullet
tuna on a Tiburon 30 Reel and Calstar 58
graphite Rod at El Morro.  If that is not a
test for  fishing gear I don't know what is?
After the hook up first on the reel was
client Gennelly Wall She put up a good
fight for about an hour then passed the
rod along to Tomas Pisker. " the Marlin
was jumping and diving I was tired out"
Tomas put up great fight for 2 hours then
it was up to the crew 2 hours later the
marlin took its final leap and was tangled
in the line so we had to pull him in total
time 5 1/2 hours on a  Tiburon 30  reel
aboard the Cabo Yacht.
PV Sportfishing Strongly  Promotes and encourages catch and release on all billfish so we can keep our
fishing paradise for years to come here is a video example for tag and release so you can still bring in the fish
take a great photo and release!
Puerto Vallarta fishing Report
April 2010
The Yellowfin tuna are still boiling in
Puerto Vallarta but way offshore 20
miles past El Banco right off the
islands We hit the fishing grounds
about 9 am March 29th anticipating
a late afternoon bite since there was
big full moon the night before.
There were 2 boats already at the
fishing grounds birds were
everywhere but no bite. We starting
drifting with a big shool and about
11 am it was like Christmas yellowfin
boiling and circling everywhere! We
had our first hook up shortly after
11 am. Scott Allen's son was up and
he reeled in the first Yellowfin of the
day in about 20 minutes it was
about 100 lbs. 15 minutes past and
We had our 2nd hook up of the day
this time Dad Scott Allen was on the
reel pulling in another 100 pounder,
after that we caught up with the
herd and it was bite after bite
totalling in 7 Yellowfin tuna's all
about 100 lbs with one that was
about 125 biting live Goggle eye
Bait.. Inside Banderas bay inshore
fishing there are Jack Crevalle everywhere on north side of the bay all the way up to punta de mita also biting live bait so if
your going fishing inside the bay right now bring extra bait and You can catch as many Jacks as you want!
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Puerto Vallarta fishing report
Video March 2010
We had a great March and believe
that the fishing will stay about the
same through April except the tuna
will be bigger in size, with also the +
of more sailfish migrated in. all of
March was pretty consistent Yellowfin
tuna offshore, a couple striped
Marlins at corbetena one Black Marlin
right off the point and the bay was
pretty much full of jack crevalle and
roosterfish we will also probable see
more mahi mahi schools in
the upcoming weeks. everything has
been bting biting on live bait nothing
to tricky drifting with the Yellowfin tuna
and trolling and for Marlin. we were
lucky with the 638 lb Marlin this will
happen every so often but normally
the bigger black Marlin will start biting
consistently in July. the big story this
Puerto Vallarta fishing report April
21st 2010
The water is started to warm up and we
found some nice currents between 80-82
almost perfect for black Marlins
so expect to see some 500+ Marlins
coming out of Puerto Vallarta
in the next couple weeks, right now
surprisingly the Striped Marlin bite is still
going, we picked up 2 small stripers
trolling with 2 teasers, black bart
lures,and dead bait the Marlin hit the
lures between el morro on the way to
corbetena, both were about 80 lbs. we hit
the rock about 11:30 am and it was a
little slow, nice clean water good temps
but no fish? We called on the radio to
see if anyone was catching anything at el
banco same story good temps clean
water no fish? We trolled around for
about a hour then decided to troll on the
same route as we came out and see if we
could get lucky with some more stripers
we trolled for about another hour no bite
Marcos spotted a boui  and hooked a
small mahi mahi with live bait, He made
some fresh ceviche and we continued on
the hunt, another hour or so went by and
Captain Steve Spotted a sailfish, Marco
ran to the front of the boat with a spinning
rod and live bait made a perfect cast and
hooked a nice 90 lb sail, The sailfish put
on a great show leaping out of the water
back and forth after that we decided to call it a day, total fish count 2 Striped Marlin, Sailfish, and Fresh Mahi mahi for lunch.
Puerto Vallarta Captain Steve Torres
takes 1st place Marlin in Topolobampo
Mexico May/30/2010

Captain Steve Torres  does it again, taking
home 3 cars at last weeks 19th annual
Marlin tournament held in Topolobampo
Sinaloa Mexico, catching the largest Marlin
since 1997 6 lbs short of the tournament
record 415 lbs! The blue beast was caught
with the first 50 wt Tiburon Reels on the
Market custom made for Captain Steve,
with 130 lb IGFA Spectra and a 100 yards
of top shot 100 lb Mono Philament
Diamond Momoi. She bit a live Skip Jack
trolling a little before 1 pm. We fished 2
days before the tournament learning the
fishing grounds. The first morning Captain
Steve found a nice structure at the bottom
of the ocean perfect for big Marlin fishing 4
miles west of the farallon rock so We
decided to fish that area with live bait the
whole tournament. The first day of the
tournament We released 3 striped  Marlins
struck gold I mean blue.
and lost a blue the 2nd day the water temps were a little higher 80.1 and We
Puerto Vallarta fishing report June
Well You can really feel the humidity
start to grow here in Puerto Vallarta the
waters temps are up inside Banderas
bay and outside averaging 82-86,  
everything is out there right now big
Yellowfin tuna and blue Marlin at El
Banco and closer off the point  and El
Morro We have We have been catching
lots of Sailfish, Red snapper and Jack
crevalle, it is a great time to go fishing
in PV you have a chance to catch a
nice billfish on a shorter day and the
tuna’s just keep getting bigger on full
day's outside the bank.  for a more
detailed report please contact us at
Puerto Vallarta fishing report
The Sailfish have moved in even closer
inside banderas bay just a little north of
Bucerias this is a great time of the year
especially for first time anglers who
have never caught a billfish a Sailfish is
a great start and puts on quite a show.
the bay is also producing lots of smaller
grouper 5-8 lbs great to eat.  Yellowfin
tuna are still boiling around El Banco
getting a little bit bigger from last week
average size this week is 120-200 lbs .
we also released a nice 300 lb Blue
marlin right outside of Corbetena so its
a good sign the rock is started to show
some life. the Yellowfin tuna are biting
live bait drifting, the blue Marlin bit a
black and purple lure  and the Sailfish
have been biting live goggle eye's
casting and dead bait trolling.

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Puerto Vallarta Fishing Report
August 2010
The rain has been tossing around the
ocean and it has been day to day where
you will find the clean water and the big
fish, at the begining of last week the hot
spot was Corbetena producing nice
200/400 lb Blue Marlin
by the end of the week the fish had
moved out past el banco but still in by
the end of the week the fish had black
Marlin as well. The guys even had
moved out past el banco but still in triple
crown day last week fishing 4 great
numbers with a couple of bigger miles
north of Corbetena in open water
Captain Steve released a Blue 2
and a sailfish while trolling to El banco
to fish for tuna's the tuna bite was also
red hot the crew nailed 6 in about 3
hours all about 40-60 lbs one of the best
day's on water of the year you cant ask
for more. our annual marlin and tuna
tournament is coming up August
12th-14th from what ive heard so far its
going to be a bigger turnout then last
year and the way the fishing is going
right now it should be blast!  for more
info please contact us at
Puerto Vallarta fishing report
August 2010
the guys took 2nd place Marlin
at last weekends tournament  
held in La Cruz, Captain Steve
Torres caught the 295 black
Marlin with Live bait the 2nd
day of the tournament for 2nd
place in the  Marlin division was
the Angler with team Tiburon -
Captain Steve Torres
Marlin bite is still hot at
Corbtena and Tuna have been
circling the Bank.
Inshore the Roosterfish have
started to bite again along with
lots big grouper.
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Puerto Vallarta fishing
Report September 08 2010
Marlin and tuna Bite,   We had
a nice storm over the weekend
that really broke the black
Marlin season wide open the
boys aboard the boat
relased 4 blacks and boated
one 700+ last week, including
having a triple crown day at El
banco Angler Bradd Owings
caught 1 Striped Marlin, 1 Blue
Marlin and the king a 750 +
Black Marlin see in the photo
trying to make final run for it.
Marlin photos
Corbetena has been the hot
spot for Striped Marlin  it is
very late in season for Stripers
and they are bigger then
normal I would say the average
Striped Marlin in PV is
120-150 lbs all the ones I saw
last week were around 180 +.
The YFT  seemed to be
gaining size as well I saw a
handfull last week over 150
and a lot of smaller footballs
30-50 lb range it is a great
time of the year to fishing
in PV You expect light rain
early in the morning on the way
out to the fishing grounds this
time of the year but the way
last week went it is definetly
worth it.
Angler report Larry Haynes.
For years I've had the dream of
catching a 200+lb Cow, but never
dreamed that I would catch a
200+ lber and a 300+ lber in the
same trip!

My wife, son Eric, and I fished with
Captain Steve Torres
Day 1
Met Capt and crew at the
lighthouse at 0600, did the meet
and greet thing, got food, fuel,
bait and on our way. Hit the rock,
made bait rather quickly and lines
in the water just as fast as the
bait was coming in.
About 0920, and raining like
heck, the first bite was on. Our
son Eric was in the driver's seat
and it was "game on" for the next
hour on a 200+ pound Blue. After
that, things went cold for a couple
hours when the next bite was on.The battle didn't last long, because the hook either pulled, or the fish spit it out. I just know
that it had some real shoulders on it. A bit later we bagged a 75 lb yellow
read full Puerto Vallarta fishing report
Puerto Vallarta fishing Report
September 26 2010
8 Yellowfin tunas 2 big ones, the
We reached El Banco about 8 am
and it was wide open the tuna’s
were boiling the guys caught 6
smaller tunas early in morning
and 2 big girls in the afternoon
after 1pm.
day 2 We hit the Bank about 9
am lots of boats but no bait and
no bite heard on the radio lots of
captains were having the same
problem so We decided to troll
lures. About an hour of trolling at
the bank and there was a big
splash behind the boat a nice
blue Marlin not hooked just
leaping behind the boat it
seriously almost jumped aboard it
had to be running from something
this thing was going nuts one of  
the craziest things I’ve ever seen Iwish I had it on film.The bite was very slow at the Bank nothing like the day before and still
no bait so we decided to go back to Corbetena and maybe pick something up on the way, about ½  hr later we had our first
bite a small mahi mahi, about 20 minutes after that a We reeled in a nice Sailfish and released, 30 minutes after the Sailfish
We reached Corbetena lots of bait we caught 4 baits finally and started trolling, about 4:30PM in afternoon we got a big bite
a giant tuna to finish off the day. enjoy the video.

Puerto Vallarta fishing
report October/30/2010
by Angler Brad Sawin
The crew of Ian, his son
Allister, Scott, and myself met
at the marina around 4:45 AM
last Thursday. Captain Freddy
and his crew were already
working, procuring some bait
for the day. We jumped on
board and shoved off from the
marina around 5:20.
We were told that the water at
El Banco wasn't fishable right
now (cloudy and no bait), so
we headed to La Corbetena.
We get to the rock at sunrise,
and we start by pulling a
spread of plastics. Not even 5
minutes after we put the
spread out, the port flat pops.
In the distance, we see a black
marlin tail walking. I grab the
rod and jump in the chair, and
line continues to dump from
the Tiburon 50w.
They use a mono top shot and pack the reel with braid underneath and the fish quickly had us to the braid. The fish went
deep for about 30 minutes and then surfaced for two jumps...it then went deep again. The last 20 minutes or so was a
constant give and take...the fish took line whenever it wanted it seemed. I finally brought her to the boat after about a 50
minute fight. She measured 134 inches from the bill to the tail...(didn't get a measurement from the fork of the tail to the jaw,
unfortunately). The captain estimated her at 500lbs. Read more and see marlin photos
Puerto Vallarta October 2010
Puerto Vallarta fishing report
November 20-2010
Big Time Sailfish Bite in PV !!
As the water cools down the fish
have been in different hot spots
around Corbetena or far north  
of the point  has been
producing alot of Sailfish and
Mahi mahi, We have had a cold
month for Marlin here in Puerto
Vallarta until Yesterday when
the Super panga caught a nice
Blue along with 2 Sailfish.  The
Rock/ Corbetena is boiling with
tuna but have been feeding on
Squids so not much of a bite we
caught a hand full last week
biggest one being about a 100
lbs,  all late afternoon bites as
soon as they munch all the  
squid up the Tuna bite will be wide open in the next couples weeks.  Bigger story this week was the Wahoo bite the Ana  
Maria boated around a 40  pounder  last week great fish to catch probable the best to eat.  Inshore fishing has been day to
day lots of smaller action Bonita, Jacks  and You can always get lucky and run into a school of Mahi ’s but most Dorado have
migrated to Corbetena  as well. So Pretty much everything is out there just day to day what you will catch. the most consistent
speices being Sailfish and Mahi mahi For more info or more updated
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Puerto Vallarta fishing
report December 6 and 7

We headed out on a overnight
trip with Captain Steve Torres,
what a
trip We hit the outer Islands
around 8 am the first day and
had our first hook up about a
hour later first Mark started
reeling her in and javier
hooked another Yellowfin on
the front of the boat it was the
first double hook up of the day
both tuna's were about 100 lbs
, next we had our 2nd double
hook up of the day both a little
bigger in size about 120, Day
2 we circled the Island in the
morning picked up some skip
jacks and starting a slow troll
Freddy Hooked 2 smaller
footballs in the morning about
20 lbs then had a big hook up
around 2 PM this one beat the
rest by far probable around
200+ no official weight but
definetly a fat fish! it was great
2 days on the water perfect
condtions not alot of wind and
big Yellowfin tuna's the big one
bit a skip jack trolling and the
first day we hooking them with
live Goggle eyes check out full
report with more
photos here
or  contact us
Puerto Vallarta fishing
report January -05-2011.
Welcome to a new year of
Puerto Vallarta fishing !
Offshore nothing has slowed
down the big Yellowfin tuna
are still boiling at the islands
and averaging over 150 lbs
and up You get 60 + miles
offshore and it is a Tuna
frenzy! Brent Fleming went out
on a overnight trip with
Captain Steve Torres and
nailed 11 in one day the
biggest one seen in photo
check out more
fishing pics
from this epic fishing trip.  The
bigger Blue and Black Marlin
a have swam for warmer
waters and we are starting to
see more Sailfish and Striped
Marlin both averaging 70-120
lbs. The inshore bite has been
good but you still need to
make it out to the point to get
alot of action Snapper,
Roosterfish, and lots of Jack
Crevalle.  for more info
contact us
Puerto Vallarta fishing report, by  PV Sportfishing.
PV Sportfishing
Puerto Vallarta fishing
month was Yellowfin tuna!! Here is a video report from 4 trips in March 2010 Enjoy! For more info please contact us