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Report by Angler Brad Owings September 06-10

My friend (Ricky Clark) and I went out fishing two days this
week (Monday & Tuesday). We had a third friend with us,
but on the first day the seas were 12-14 foot rollers and
raining, so he decided to stay home the second day of
fishing, big mistake. We were fishing a board a 35' Cabo
part of the P.V. Sport fishing fleet.
Tuesday morning we headed out to "El Banko"/"The
Banks" around 5:30AM, the day was beautiful, sun shining
and calm seas. Our first hook up was a 200-250lb Blue
Marlin, I lost the fish about 20 minuets in the fight to the
hook coming out. The baits were in the water for only 10
minuets before we hooked up. After I lost the Blue, my
friend Ricky hooked into a Striped Marlin and landed the
80lb fish in 15 minuets.
The second we released the fish the caption saw a swirl
behind the boat about 40 yards, he tossed out a live bait
and we were hooked up again with a 300lb Blue Marlin. I
landed the fish in about 20-25 minuets, released
unharmed. It was again Ricky's turn on the chair, after
about one hour, he hooked into a 400-450lb Black Marlin,
this fish, was pissed, jumped at least 20 times in the first 5
minuets of the fight and through the hook back at us.
Ricky was disappointed but enjoyed the fight, by the way,
my friend Ricky had never been Marlin fishing prior to our
trip. What a day!

The biggest excitement of the trip came on the next hook
up, we had been fishing for about 1-2 hours before the
"Big Bite". The captain yelled, "Monster Marlin" and about
that time the fish hit the bait and the fight was on. I fought
the fish for about 2hrs, I had it at the boat four times,
every time I thought the fight was over, it would rip out
another 300+yards of line. At this point I thought I was
going to die...

Finally on the fifth time to the boat the fish was done, tired
out, as was I. At this point we all noticed the fish had
swallowed the hook, J-hook!!! I hate this part of the story
because we are always catch and release anglers and this
fish was almost dead. After cutting the line and trying to
revive the fish for ten minuets it showed no signs of
recovering, the fish died. Great reason to ALWAYS use
circle hooks...for now on I will require them or will not go

I was told the fish will be used to feed many, many families
in P.V. and I'm going to mount the head of the fish on the
wall, only because it died and that will be a replica.
So, we ended up with five hook up's that day, 2-Black
Marlin, 1-Stripe, and 2-Blue. All were released except the
Big Black. In the pictures I'm sending you will see the "Big
Black" flying through the air in two pic's and two pic's back
the marina later that night. The "Big Black" weighed in at
756lbs, 14' long, 66" in girth. The fish was caught on 100lb
test and 150lb leader. My biggest fish to date!

Enjoy the pictures!

Brad Owings