Puerto Vallarta fishing Map
Puerto Vallarta fishing Map, there are 5 big fishing destinations to hit while fishing in Puerto Vallarta El
Banco, la Corbetena, El Morro,Islas Marietas off the point of Punta de mita, and south to Cabo
Corrients,  for big game fishing record braking
Marlin, Sailfish,  Dorado, Cubera, Wahoo, and Yellowfin
Tuna, You want to hit El Banco 50 miles offshore or Corbetena 36 miles offshore.  Depending on
season most of the big Yellowfin Tuna bite further offshore 70-125 miles which we have
overnight fishing
charters for serious anglers looking for Cow Yellowfin Tuna.  Check out our fishing chart to see the best
Puerto Vallarta fishing season to catch your dream game fish.

Closer inshore on the Puerto Vallarta fishing map You will see el Morro and Islands Marietas 18- 22 miles
offshore a nice where you can fish for Red Snapper, Sailfish, Mahi mahi, Roosterfish, and Jack Crevalle,  
Inside of banderas bay You can find all sorts of smaller action
Jack Crevalle, Spanish Mackerel, Needle
fish, Red snapper, smaller
mahi mahi, Bonita, and Skip Jacks.    please send us a email at
to see where the fish are biting right now. every season is a little different .or
check out our frequently updated
Puerto Vallarta fishing report.
El Banco
El Morro
PV Sportfishing
PV Sportfishing is located in the Marina Vallarta in Puerto Vallarta Mexico for more information
about us or about Puerto Vallarta fishing please give us a call, send us an  e-mail or click links
below to learn more about Puerto Vallarta fishing charters.

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