Puerto Vallarta fly fishing with PV sportfishing  we offer
fly fishing and bass Fishing for all you anglers that love
the sport of salt water fly fishing we have found great Hot
spots and know  where to find the fish For those who love
the thrill of catching Fresh water game fish Lake Cajon de
Pena is one of Puerto Vallarta's best kept secrets.

Puerto Vallarta fly fishing  has been
growing in popularity here in the
Banderas bay in Puerto Vallarta.  You
can  target Jack Crevalle, Dorado,
Roosterfish,  Bonitas and even Wahoo
depending on Angler experience.  
fly fishing charters Are aboard the 29 ft
open center console Super panga  our
captains have been fishing
Puerto Vallarta waters for years and will
put you on the fish but it is your job to
control your own fly rod. Puerto Vallarta
fly fishing charters do not inlude fly gear
We Reccomend to fly fish with 10-14 wt  
reels and pink and white fly's
when You going to catch Sailfish. For
Inshore fly fishing for Dorado,
Roosterfish, Jack Crevalle, and
Bonitas,  use 9-11 wt  with Mackeral
and Sardines fly's  White and Gold or
White and Silver. click link below  for
more info about
Puerto Vallarta fly
fishing Charters

Puerto Vallarta Bass fishing with
PV Sportfishing lake cajon de pena
is located about  75 miles south of
Puerto Vallarta in the middle of
jungle of the sierra madre
mountains this 7000 acre lake is
stocked with large florida large
mouth bass averaging 5lbs but up
to 13 lbs   includes Bass fishing
gear lite breakfast, lunch,
drinks,and transportation from your
hotel or resort to lake cajon de
pena  See more info
 about Bass
fishing charters
Puerto Vallarta fishing
PV Sportfishing
PV Sportfishing is located in the Marina Vallarta in Puerto Vallarta Mexico for more information about us or about Puerto Vallarta
fishing please give us a call, send us an
e-mail or click links below to learn more about Puerto Vallarta fishing.

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