Puerto Vallarta fishing report Januray 2006
well it has been a great week of fishing the tuna's are biting late in the season and striped marlins are hitting hard at el banco. it
was a little rough all week but the fishing has been good but if your going out this week anmd you have never been out on the
open oceanI would suggest taking sea sick medicine there is nothing worse then being 50 miles off land and someone gets sick!
we have also been fishing san pancho and off the point of punta de mita the  hitting smaller sails, it is the middle of whale season
and they are everwhere yesterday we got quite a show on the way back in from the bank.
Puerto Vallarta fishing report September  2006
The cows are back and it is about time! Usually those huge giant yellow fin tuna are everywhere starting in June, but we had a
late start this year. But  That is all in the past now, Captain Kawi reported that he has been seeing big yellow fin tuna for the
past 3 weeks but they just would not eat. but this last week that has all changed. The chelita and the dream catcher hooked 8
yellow fin tuna all over 180lbs and one monster that weighed 338 lbs this girl was a true  fat cow.  They have been biting live bait
with flouro carbon leaders and the baby´s have been loving the black and purple lures, we have been waiting for these yellow
fin cows all year and if Puerto Vallarta history repeats itself its just going to get better until the end of December. the Bank and
corbetenia have also been red hot with blue and stripe marlins, mahi mahi, and beautiful sail fish. if you come fishing in Puerto
Vallarta before the year is over I guarantee a game fish! So come check out our shop on your vacation to Puerto Vallarta. thats
all for this weeks puerto vallarta fishing report until we see you come down and catch some  Puerto Vallarta fish so long.
PV sportfishing specializes in catching Big Fish so come fish with the pro´s we guarantee success. for more info about Puerto
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Puerto Vallarta fishing report Feburary 16th 2006 the fishing is starting to pick up on the other side of the lighthouse it has
been a mahi mahi and sailfish frenzy!  went out yesterday for a 8 hour day with captain hector we hit the fishing grounds about 8
am right off the hecter's son spotted  3 sails he casted out some live bait and had a hook up he passed the pole to me and while i
started reeling in the fish he casted out again and had a double hook up he was fighting 1 I reeled in mine first but she was small
compared to his 110 pounder after that we starting trolling for mahi mahi and around 2 we hooked a small 20 lb mahi mahi and
another about an hour later then we just hit the mackeral the rest of the day.  
Puerto Vallarta fishing report March 12th 2006
well  I finally got to go fishing again yesterday,  yea  what can I say I  have been working in the office  alot lately but we went out
to the bank yesterday and had a great day we went hunting for rooster and giant red snappers and thats what we caught. see
alot of people have heard of puerto vallarta billlfish but thats not all puerto vallarta has to offer we also have roosterfish, red
snappers, wahoo, jack crevalle,  anyways we reached the bank about 7 am and did some bottom fishing rightoff the bat we
hooked up with a 30 lb red snapper bext we hit a even a bigger probable 35 maybe 40 lbs, then we starting trolling around 10
and hooked on a nice dorado a little over  5 ft long. then it was quiet for about 2 hours that was alright i was hungry anyway it
was a nice break we cut up the dorado and made some fresh ceviche. after that we caught we had had come for 2 roosters!
there is know huge marlin or yellow fin tuna right now but roosters, sailfish, mahi mahi, and red snapper are in season.
Puerto Vallarta fishing reports 2006
Puerto Vallarta fishing report Dec 28 2006. Sorry We did not report in November, the fishing basically stayed the same but
this this last December Puerto Vallarta has been cow town crazy I mean we have had Puerto Vallarta fishing season but this
December was definetly the highlight and has definetly put a alot of smiles on people's faces! We thought all the 300 + cows
were gone for the season but we were wrong December was the hottest time of the year for yellow fin tuna we docked over 16
200+ this last month 3 of which were over 300 Puerto Vallarta fishing or any fishing for that matter does not get better than this!
At this point there is no telling how long it will last but were thinking it will likely die out by the end of the month but we are still
going after some cow's tomorrow! Also the point and el morro have been red hot with sailfish, Pompano, and mahi mahi, you
can go for a short 4 to 6 hour day and still bring home more than dinner.  
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Vallarta fishing report
Puerto Vallarta fishing report April 6th 2006. Went out to the banks yesterday and what a day and when I say what a day I
mean it was one of the worst day's of fishing that I have had in a while and in Puerto Vallarta we dont get many of those trust me.
We arrived at the bank about 9 am this is the same bank that was stocked with 100 lb + sailfish last week 2 days couple days
latyer and the water is green, yea the fish really dont like that so we headed north to see what we could get into, as i saw  the
water starting getting clearer captain freddie spotted a sailfish about a100ft from the boat we krept up on him tossed some live
bait right infront of his face and did not even get a nibble I know this is not the fishing report you expected to see well fishing is
fishing and even Puerto Vallarta fishing has it's bad day's,
Puerto Vallarta fishing report. May 28th 2006 well Tuna season is starting a little late this year normally the tuna start biting
mid may but we still have not seen anything over 160 lbs.  Corbetena has been hot with Roosterfish, mahi mahi, and red
snapper but nothing very big we are hoping things will change this June we will see!
Puerto Vallarta fishing report. June 16 2006. We went out yesterday just to get some action and thats exactly what we found
right out of the bay we saw some birds diving so we starting casting out at some  jack crevalle's, a hour laterr we had caught 10
and and decided to start heading over to the point and see if we could hit up some rootserfish we trolled around a little bit
instead we landed a couple of mackerals, found a nice dirt line casted in and l;icked up a nice mahi mahi only about 10 lbs but
today was all about quantity we were having such a great time casting into this dirt line mahi after mahi at the end of the we
caught 32 mahi mahi's 2 mackerals' 6 bonita's, and dont forget about the 10 jack's at the begining of the day! for more info on
Puerto Vallarta sport fishing please
contact PV Sportfishing.
Puerto Vallarta fishing Report October 19 2006. Well these past few weeks we have not seen any tuna's over 160 lbs. but it
has been steady tuna season just not cow season. The bay is full of jacks, amber jack, and bonita's the point has been the big
story for small marlin, sailfish, mahi mahi, and  wahoo, you only need a 8 hour day to do some big time fishing but to get into
some yellow fin tuna you need a 12 hour day. Lately we have been trying all sorts of different fishing styles to catch tuna trolling
with lures and live bait, drifting kite fishing with dead and live bait, anything to make it happen. Well we have not seen any cows
lately but I guarantee the season is far from over!
Puerto Vallarta fishing
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