Puerto Vallarta fishing report, by PV Sportfishing.
Puerto Vallarta fishing
live photos from the 1155 lb marlin caught on the 28 ft open bow panga October/14/2005
We specialize in catching big fish and reputation shows that We are the best at what we do
and will always put You on the Puerto Vallarta game fish if there out there. this Marlin was
caught on the 28ft open bow super Panga check out our
charters page for more info on boat
and prices.
Puerto Vallarta Marlin fishing with PV Sportfishing.
Marlins love to feed in shallow waters or reefs and still keep there distance from shore basically they love Islands in the middle of the Ocean that is why
Puerto Vallarta is so abundant with these huge Marlin El Banco one of the most well known Marlin fishery's here in Puerto Vallarta is 50+ miles offshore
where you can go from 1,000 ft to 100 ft in seconds.
PV Sportfishing