Puerto Vallarta fishing report 2/25/2009
Hello world here is a another fresh Puerto Vallarta
fishing report We went out on the luhrs yesterday
with captain Steve and crew Freddy and Mario.
We left the docks at 5 am and heading out  past
the banks for yellow fin tuna, right when We
arrived by Islands the tuna's were boiling We got
a double hook up with a couple gogle eyes's, 1
got away but Dan reeled in a nice 40 lb football,
The next hook up Captain  Steve Casted in some
live bait and Hooked another nice tuna  and  then
boom another double hook up  2 more yellow fins
around in a cricle and starting drifting into the
school of tuna and hooked up another 60 punder!
Next Dan was up again and this time Hooked it
on  50 lb test for about a 1/2 hour He reeled it in
and We decided to start trolling for dorado. about
a 20 minutes later We had a  bite it was a huge
60 lb dorado as the Dorado got closer to the boat
We noticed there was another dorado right
behind the one We had hooked so Freddy casted
some live bait and and again We had a double
Hook up We have been eating alot of dorado so
we released one and brought one home.  after
that We headed back it was great trip and We
brought home alot more then supper. We heard
on the radio there was alot of dorado action off
the point of punta de mita also so all the boats
had a great day staying inside or going all the way
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2/24/09 Puerto Vallarta fishing trip.
find the big game fish following this philosophy,
off-shore trips reaped excellent catches overall.
The seasoned sirena captain, steve torres, was
50-60 minutes off punta mita to the islands. The
50-60 minutes off punta mita to the islands. The
best days brought in striped marlin, big mahi and
yellow fin tuna in the 50-70 pound range. A 125
pound, short- fin, mako made for an exciting catch
on a spinning rod at el banco one late afternoon.
Day time temperatures in the low to mid 80s(f)
have brought warm, calm seas with light afternoon
breezes. Bait has been on the surface bringing
the big game to the surface. With water
temperatures getting closer to 80(f) the black and
blue marlin are moving back in the area along
with larger size yellow fin tuna. For off-shore
fishing trips plan a minimum of 10-12 hours with a
6 am departure to get west of el banco for the
best opportunity to catch your prize. Our able first
mate, fredy rodriquez will help you board your big
tuna or mahi or tag& release the bill fish to
preserve the stock. Plan 4-8 hours for an inshore
fishing trip leaving the dock by 7am to get to
smaller tuna's rooster fish, spanish mackerel,
jacks and red snappers reeled in just off punta
mita and its coves. Humpback whales are leaving
on their northward migration highway but there are
still plenty of dolphins, sea turtles and mantas
answering natures call in the bay. A day of fishing
is the prescription for a bad economy;a day to just
8220;forget about it! Remember the summer
months are prime big game fishing time for giant
tuna and bill fish so get down here and catch your
puerto vallarta game fish. Click here for more info
on the sirena boat puerto vallarta fishing report by
dan gilmartin.
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Puerto Vallarta fishing report: BY DAN GILMARTIN

Puerto Vallarta fishing report 4/10/09 We went out
for a short day on the sirena yesterday just to catch
some dinner We heard there was a huge school of
dorado's/mahi mahi a little north of the point so we
jumping all over the place not to big in size but We
were not looking for size yesterday just some
tender meat so we starting jigging and casting live
bait and one after another boated about 20
Dorado all about 10-20 lbs after that we made
some fresh ceviche then heading to shore for a
mahi barbecue.  The striped marlins and sailfish
are still hitting hard north of the bank the marlins
Dorado's as you can handle and the shorter day in
the bay You will get lots of action. but the big
season is coming and those cow tuna's and big
marlin will be here in June! for more info on the
Sirena boat and crew
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Puerto Vallarta fishing report 04/21/09
Puerto Vallarta the fishing has been great nothing
to big in this fishing season but everything is out
there sailfish, dorado, striped marlin, roosterfish,
smaller tuna, and jack crevalle. if you want to
catch dorado, there are huge schools north of the
inshore we have been catching jacks and
roosterfish. the Big Puerto Vallarta season is
right around the corner You can feel the early
mornings are heating up and as the weather
heats up so does the water and that brings in the
huge tuna and 500 + marlins will start to show up
as well, the past 5 years the biggest tuna was
361 lbs we are hoping to beat that and the world
record this season! We our having our annual
tuna and marlin tournament coming up in July this
is the same tournament that Captain Steve won
the year before last on the sirena with the record
braking black marlin. We are hoping to beat that
record this year as well! Everyone is very excited
to see what how big the fish will be this season
2007 was definitely better then it was in 2008 for
yellowfin tuna we caught a lot of tuna 200+ but the
300 + cows were nowhere to be found we
docked 4 total all season which is very rare so
We are really looking forward to this high season
and bringing cow town back. for more info on the
record braking Sirena boat and Captain
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Puerto Vallarta fishing report 05/15/09
Sailfish Frenzy!
We took out Bobby, Charles,
Mike, and Keith yesterday on the  2006 luhrs, the
Sirena With Captain Steve and crew Freddy and
Marcos. What a day right when We got around
the point of Punta de mita We spotted a nice
sailfish Marcos ran to the front of the boat casted
out some live bait and boom We had a sailfish
on Keith was first and did a great job reelled in a
nice 100 lb sailfish in about 15 minutes next we
found a nice school of dorado feeding off a small
tree branch floating about 10 miles north of the
point We caught 4 back to back enough to make
some fresh ceviche for lunch then We decided to
go and catch some more sailfish! We started
heading further north by guayabitos but the
conditions were so nice the water was like a lake
You could see for miles about a 30 minutes later
Captain Steve saw a couple sailfish sun bathing
about a 2 miles away from us he speeded up the
Sirena and 2 seconds later we were right on top
of them but could not get a bite on 50 lb test so
We tried with a 40 and boom the bigger sailfish
hit and hit it hard within seconds You could see
this beautiful fish fighting and jumping about 20
yards from the boat  what a show! Mike nailed it
though reeling in this 98 inch sailfish like a true
pro it only took him 20 minutes to land it  which is
not so easy on 40 lb test. We kept trolling north
following the birds and dolphins keeping a look
out for sailfish as we were trolling a nice striped
marlin hit a lure Captain Steve hit the throttle and
hooked a nice striped marlin about 120 lbs. After
that it was slow We did not see anything but
dolphins for a couple hours then just like that We
spotted about 5 sailfish jumping and swimming
Marcos hooked another one this one was bigger
then the first 2 though a nice female about 130
lbs after that we spotted a school of jacks picked
up a nice triple hook up and then called it a day.
but what a day 5 dorados,3 jack crevalle, 3
sailfish, and 1 striped marlin! You cant do much
better then that. For more info on the Sirena boat
and Captain Please
click here or give us a call
Our US line is 785-640-7753 e-mail
info@puertovallartafish.com until next time
tight lines!
Puerto Vallarta fishing report  6/5/09
The fishing is wide open in Puerto Vallarta right
Puerto Vallarta fishing season has started
off strong this last week there have been huge
dorado and sailfish  coming in south then moving
out north along the coast along with the tides so
some day's the sails and the mahi mahi have
been right off the point almost inside the bay we
8 dorado’s one that was 56 lbs.  The bank has
started to heat up with blue marlin, and smaller
yellow fin tuna in the 50-100 lb rangeit was cold
for about a week but its good to see some signs
of the big girls So either way You go You are
going to get into some big game fish!  for more
info on Puerto Vallarta fishing please
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Puerto Vallarta fishing report  6/11/09
Boiling Blue marlins
The boys went out today in the 2006 luhrs they
tagged 4 and boated 1 blue marlin. all ranging
from 300-350 lbs. The hot spot was about 5
miles short of the bank.  "9am- 2pm We were
hooked up" the marlin were striking one after
another they the 2nd and 3rd caught on a double
hook up they were hitting all lures no bait  trolling
fast at a little above 10 knots with  pink The boys
went out today in the 2006 luhrs Captain Steve
took out his cousins marlin fishing they tagged 4
and boated 1 blue marlin. all ranging from
300-350 lbs. The hot spot was about 5 miles
short of the bank.  "9am- 2pm We were hooked
up" the marlin were striking one after another
they the 2nd and 3rd caught on a double hook up
they were hitting all lures no bait  trolling fast at a
little above 10 knots with  pink and blue,  purple
and black and lime green black bart lures  with
80  lb test . and they hit them all We had 8 strikes
in total. it is becoming high fishing season
everything is out there yellow fin tuna, marlin,
saifish, and dorado,  for more info on the boat
and captain please
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Puerto Vallarta fishing Report July/22/09
around 9 pm which is making for humid day's
and water temps are up to 85 at some hot spots
the weather is really heating up we are getting
about an hour of tropical storms everyday We
went to the bank yesterday clean water but no
bite so We headed north and about 10 miles
from the banks found a nice boil of smaller
30-50 lb Yellowfin tuna jumping all over the
place thats not all that We found after boating 3
Freddy spotted a sailfish  about a 1/2 a
mile south so
Captain Steve hit the throttle and
30 minutes later we had tagged a nice 110 inch
sail, not 5 minutes after that Freddy had hooked
another 1 this one was smaller about 90 inches,
after that we headed back to the tuna boated 3
more and called it a day. The tunas are biting
live bait new big secret just need to get far
enough out to find the boils,  the fish are just
going to get bigger from now until the end of
December high season for 500 + black marlins
and 300+ Yellowfin tuna September and
October the bank and corbetena will be hot with
huge game fish. Puerto Vallarta is holding its
annual marlin and tuna tournament this August
13th with over 10,000 dollar grand prize for tuna
and marlin for more Puerto Vallarta tournament
info please
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the weather heats up here in Puerto Vallarta the
fishing conditions could not get any better the
seas are calm, warm and blue, corbetena and
the bank are hot with smaller tuna in the 60-100
lb range we are still waiting to see a tuna bigger
then 200 lbs but I bet it will happen before the
tournament that will be held on the 13th, this is
the time of the year when fishing is good for
everyone the professional anglers looking for a
trophy and the beginners that just want a billfish
or something with some size,  El morro a big
reef  22 miles offshore has been hot with
roosterfish sailfish, and mahi mahi, we even
caught a nice sailfish about 3 miles off the point
last week so inshore fishing is definitely worth it
this time of the year, especially if you like fly
fishing rooster, mahi, and sails is a fly fishing
favorite in Puerto Vallarta, deeper offshore the
bigger blue marlins are still hitting the average
blue has been 200-350 with one 440 lb caught
last month on the
sirena, there has also been
word of bigger black marlins but  none have
been caught yet until next time tight lines.
Hello world back at ya with fresh Puerto Vallarta
fishing report we had our anuual Marlin and
tuna tournament last weekend at the new
Marina in La Cruz it was a great turnout for the
tournament  with 52 boats in the competition
this year. Captain Steve and Freddy did it
again taking Home 1st place catch and release
on The Sirena raising 6 sailfish in 1 day. Steve
and Freddy have now Won countless
tournaments in PV, Cabo, mazatlan, Cancun,
and also hold the record for largest Marlin ever
caught in Puerto Vallarta tournament, together
they have become one of the most well known
crew's in Mexico and when asked  in a
interview after the tournament after all these
years how do you guys do it how do always stay
on top? both replied "I just love catching big
fish" 1st place Marlin was 305 Kilos 2nd was
300 kilos, 1st place tuna prize was 107 kilos
caught on the 2007 luhrs with Captain Hector,
and 2nd place Yellow fin tuna was 102 kilos
caught by the Captain of the albemarle, David
September 2 fishing report Puerto Vallarta
fishing report. the bank is hot with black marlin
and Corbetena has been the hot spot for tuna
the bigger blacks are starting to show up and
the boys caught 2 400 +  Yesterday the
yellowfin tuna is day to day averaging 40-200
lbs. Between the rocks and el morro is still
producing big mahi mahi and sailfish, "in other
words the fishing is great"due to the slow
economy not lots of boats are going out so
normally this time of the year you will see 10
boats at the same fishing grounds right now
you'll likely only have to share the hot spots with
1-3 boats! Inside the bay is still great for fly
fishing and smaller action mahi's, roosterfish,
needle fish, and red snapper for all You cow
Hunters we are still waiting to see the first big
girl in the season dont get me wrong 220 lbs is
still a big fish but 350 is alot bigger! for more
info please contact
September 20 Puerto Vallarta fishing report
the tides have changed and the fish have moved
north but are still great in numbers
huge Groupers and a nice 700 lb Black Marlin
was caught last week north of El Banco north of
point has been hot with Dorado,  and Sailfish,
and if you want Yellowfin Tuna Corbetena is still
the the best place it has been day to day but the
average size has been 40-80 lbs but this is the
season when the 200 and 300 + tuna will start
biting and the 500+ black marlins have already
started it is high season and I bet we will see the
first 300 + tuna in the next coming weeks the
largest so far was just above 200 so we are not
far off, but these 40 lb tuna definitely have the
best meat so tender and great for tuna steaks or
raw Sashimi, for info or a more recent Puerto
Vallarta fishing reports please contact us
Fishing report October/15/2009
Puerto Vallarta fishing for Marlin and yellowfin
tuna. We left the docks at 5 am and reached the
Bank by about 6:45 am, there was bait all over
as soon as we put the lines in the water we
reeled in 5 bonita's rigged them up and starting
trolling, live bait a couple teasers and black and
purple black bart lures, at 8 am we had our first
bite a huge dorado about 50 lbs , 5 minutes later
we hooked a nice 60 lb Yellowfin tuna, then a big
marlin struck it was a nice blue about 200 lbs we
did not boat it but an hour later we had another
strike this time a nice 400 + lb black marlin it
took Mark about 2 hours to pull it in and i was
surprized when he still had enough energy to nail
3 more tuna's after that! What a day we got to
the docks around 6 pm total 1 black marlin, 6
yellow fin tuna and 1 big Dorado! Tournament
season is here and Puerto Vallarta will be
holding its 54th annual marlin and sailfish
tournament November 12th here in the Marina
Vallarta with over $300,000 dollars in prizes we
should have a great turnout. this is the big Puerto
Vallarta fishing season those 500 + marlins, and
300+ tunas you read about are always caught
between September and December we are
always excited to see what record fish will be
pulled out of PV this year! for more info please
fishing report October 31 2009
Mahi mahi, yellowfin tuna, sailfish and big black
marlin it is high season and everything is out
there you can do a short day inside the bay and
still catch a dozen dorado! off the point of punta
de mita you find the right line and the smaller
mahi mahi are jumping in the boat, go a little
further to corbetena and you will find smaller
tuna 40-100lb range sailfish 90-110 lbs
and bigger mahi mahi up to 50 lbs, the bank
has been day to day every day is a little
different we went last tuesday and it was hot
with Wahoo and tuna, the next day just alot of
bait we caught one 240+  yellowfin tuna on El
Matador so the big ones are there you just need
to pick the right day, but if the big tuna cows are
there guaranteed our crew will put You on them!
Puerto Vallarta is holding the 54th annual
sailfish and marlin tournament starting
november 11th with over 400,000 dollars in
prizes plus daily sailfish, marlin, yellowfin tuna,
and mahi mahi jackpots. for more info on the
tournament please email
that is all for now until we catch the next big fish
tight lines.
Largest Marlin day #1 of the Pez vela and Marlin   
tournament November 12th 2009 385 lbs
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Puerto Vallarta fishing report November 20th
2009, the bank has really starting
heating up with blue marlin and bigger yellowfin
tuna the average size is 100-120 lbs the biggest
one last week was 267 lbs but we are docking
yellowfin everyday if you have been waiting to
see when the yellowfin were going to be high
season this is it, but you need to make the 50
mile hull to El Banco the tuna are boiling 5 miles
north . the blue marlin are also running at the
bank averaging 300-400 lbs, Marco Sildini went
out last Saturday tagged 2 blues a sailfish and
docked 2 tuna's 100+
click here to see photos
from trip. anyday now we will start seeing the
schools of the big cow tuna. until the next big fish.
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Puerto Vallarta fishing report
December - 20 - 2009
Merry Christmas everyone
The humidity is dropping and the Puerto Vallarta
weather is perfect, between 81- 85 F. We have
been having a great December.  Yellowfin tuna
have been boiling at Corbetena and the Bank no
big cows but the 50-100 lb range are jumping all
over the place captain Steve boated 31 in 1 day
last week.  The  bigger Blue Marlin have been
the big story at Corbetena average size has
been 180-300 lbs largest caught last week was
731 lbs on the Sirena fishing at El Banco, the
Striped Marlin have been further a little south of
El Banco where the water cools a little closer
inshore sailfish and Mahi Mahi and closer off the
point has been lots of roosterfish and also Red
Snapper for Puerto Vallarta  bottom fishing. for
more Puerto Vallarta fishing info Please

End of the year report 2009
Captain Steve Torres has been putting the boat out
daily for extreme offshore hookups of Sailfish, Blue
and Black Marlin and more Yellowfin than you can
hold in your coolers. Hooked and Released this past
week were a 650 lb. Blue and a 700 lb Black Marlin.
At El Banco, the tuna catch has been off the hook in
the 50-250 lb. range. A real nice Alice Tuna
weighing 240 lbs was caught by angler, Dan Gentles
from New Jersey , Christmas Week. Don’t see those
too often! There is plenty of Dorado/Mahi for the
taking in a wide range of weights- more than enough
to make a good day of fishing. Inshore, you can
usually hook up Roosters, Toros (Jack Cravelle),
Bonita, Spanish Mackerel, Snappers and Skippies.
The tuna have been sticking around due to cooler
water temps this season. El Nino or climate change-
don’t know but it makes for great fishing days this
On December 18-19, boat Owner Dan Gilmartin;
son, Cory Gilmartin; and Dan Gentles took an
overnight trip to El Banco from the dock at Paradise
Village, Nuevo Vallarta. After hooking up bait of
Skipjack and Bullet Tuna in the Bay of Banderas we
were off to chase the Yellowfin at El Banco. Arriving
at 8:30am, they began the slow troll. By 9:00 am we
had the first Yellowfin strike and reeled in a 90
pounder. By the end of a crazy day we hauled in 9
Yellowfin Tuna with a total weight of 640 pounds!
This was a Top Ten Day for Captain Steve and First
Mate, Freddie on the Sirena. The catch had to be
unloaded at Punta Mita by 11:00pm so the boat
would have room for more! By 4:30am, Sirena was
fast trolling lures and brought up a Marlin by the
time we hit El Banco. A beautiful sunrise and perfect
bay weather presaged another perfect day. Lots of
birds working north landed us right in Tuna territory.
The Bullet Tuna bait worked best and by 2:00pm
another 14 Yellowfin Tuna were boated. Dan
Gentles was renamed “THE TUNA-NATOR” by the
crew! He landed 80% of the catch, all standing up,
with the hat-trick, 245lb Alice Tuna --the last hook-
up of the day on the way in. Folks, that’s 1,400
pounds for 23 tuna caught in two days! This trip was
TEAM WORK at its best!
The experienced team of Captain Steve and First
Mate Freddie are a wonder to watch in action. It’s a
well orchestrated show from running the boat,
finding the fish, handing the rods off, and boating
the catch. Remember that memories of a Great
Fishing Trip for more info please
contact us.
Steve and Freddy
Puerto Vallarta fishing
PV Sportfishing