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Puerto Vallarta fishing reports 2012 Marlin, Sailfish, Yellowfin Tuna, Dorado, Wahoo and more
Puerto Vallarta fishing report
January 10 2012
We are seeing lots of changes in
currents and water temps the first
couple day's of the year  started
slow with green water but now the
water has cleaned up an is
steady above 70 degrees and
both El Corbetena and El banco
have With the weather cooling
down been producing striped
Marlin, Yellowfin tuna, and
Sailfish, The Striped Marlin have
been biting live bait and lures
slow trolling with teaser's
between 5-7 knots The
yellowfin tuna are biting live bait
trolling and drifting. Inshore off the
point the Roosterfish have been  
biting non stop averaging 10-40
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Puerto Vallarta fishing report
February 2012
overnight charter Jan-31 to Feb-1st
what a trip as soon as We hit the
fishing grounds put the kites out 2
big tuna's jumped out of the water 5
minutes later Freddy hooked a 200 +
Yellowfin tuna on a 20 reel Jmark
Started reeling her in and after a
couple laps around the boat Freddy
Gaffed the cow and pulled her
aboard the Ana Maria. While Mark
was fighting the big Tuna the boat
had drifted close to the Island so
captain Steve decided to troll back to
where we had started and on the way
a nice striped Marlin hit a Lure Mark
Reeled the striper in fast and Jaun
pulled her up for a photo then
released  .
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Puerto Vallarta fishing report
April 2012.
The Mahi mahi bite has been
been picking up this last week
outside of Corbetena averaging
15-40 lbs also nice sized
Groupers biting off the rock, we  
caught a nice Sailfish a few miles
north of El banco and the  
Yellowfin Tuna bite has slowed
down but that can change any
day. As the weather starts to heat
up so will the fishing the warmer
the water the bigger the fish! El
morro has had a very steady bite
lots of Roosterfish, and Jack
crevalle also a caught a couple
mahi mahi's  at el morro last week
but it was a much better mahi
bite offshore.  for more updated
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Puerto Vallarta fishing report
August 2012
The Billfish have been red hot
blue Marlin and Sailfish biting at
La Corbetena and El Banco. El
Banco has also been producing
lots of Yellowfin tuna averaging
40-80 lbs.  We also caught one
over 200 lbs last week. Inshore
fishing is also picking up we
caught a couple nice Yellowfin
tuna's right infront of Yelapa on
the southside of the bay and Mahi
mahi have been biting south and
north of Banderas bay. Everything
is out there right now inshore and
offshore. Check out the video I
recorded last August 2011 to see
what you have to look forward to
fishing in Puerto Vallarta Mexico
in August.
Puerto Vallarta fishing report
August 2012
My wife and I recently got the
chance to fish with Cesar Perez
on August 21st at La Corbetana.
The day started out a little slow,
but Cesar had told us earlier to
expect a later in the day bite.
Sure enough, around noon we
started getting hit trolling live baits
and around 12:30 hooked our first
tuna. While i was fighting the first
fish we doubled up and hooked
another about ten minutes in to
my fight. We were able to put four
100 plus pound tuna in the boat,
and got probably a dozen strikes.
reel in a tuna in the 130-150lb
range. My wife usually doesn't
enjoy long days on the water but
she has never had more fun
fishing than we had that day. I
have fished with alot of different
charters throughout Mexico, but i
have never had a better
experience than i did with Cesar.
He and his deckhand were
constantly working like crazy to
put us on the fish. He even made
fresh Ceviche for us to eat on the
boat, and prepared a ton of
frozen tuna for us to take home.
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Puerto Vallarta in August
Puerto Vallarta fishing report
October 2012
The Puerto Vallarta  fishing has
been everything You expect in
October.  Marlin, Cow Yellowfin
tuna, Mahi mahi, Wahoo, and
Sailfish.  All the big game fish
anglers look for are biting here in
PV The big cow Yellowfin tuna
have been biting at Corbetena EL
banco and the outer Islands. biting
live bait trolling and drifting. The
Blue and black Marlin have also
been feeding at all three area's
averaging 200-500 lbs and  have
been biting on a slow troll live skip
Jack or Lures.  The Mahi mahi and
Sailfish have been bigger offshore
but have also been biting off the
point of Punta de mita and El
morro along with Jack crevalle,
and smaller football Yellowfin Tuna.
Larry Haynes went out a couple
days  this is his fishing report
below We just returned from our
annual trip to Puerto Vallarta, and
fished  with Capt Steve with
outstanding results. This year's trip
was no different than the
past, when it comes to the
phenomenal expertise of the read
Puerto Vallarta fishing report
October 2012
Puerto Vallarta fishing report
November 2012 Marlin Mania!
So far this month Puerto Vallarta
fishing has been incredible the
blue Marlin bite has been
exploding at El Banco. the Marlin
have been biting using slow troll
with lures and also live Skip Jacks
the average size this last week
was 200-300 lbs. We have also
been catching alot of Sailfish
averaging 70-100 lbs biting dead
and live bait. at el morro and
Corbetena. Further offshore at the
Islands there has been a big
Yellowfin tuna bite averaging
100-300 lbs but way offshore
75-100 miles From the Marina
Puerto Vallarta Puerto
Vallarta ad ffishing reportfishing
report November 2012
Puerto Vallarta fishing report
Offshore fishing at the bank has
exploded with Yellowfin tuna
averaging 60-80 lbs in great
numbers boiling in huge schools
and has been an all day bite. The
Team also caught the 1st blue
Marlin of the season Wednesday
at La Corbetena just over 300 lbs.
el morro has been producing
Sailfish, jack crevalle, and mahi
mahi and inshore off the point
also mahi mahi and bonito's
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