Puerto Vallarta Marlin report August 25/2011
Fished again this year with Steve and Freddy

BLUF: Feeling like the second luckiest guy in Vallarta - caught a
couple cows last year and this year it was a 622lb Blue Marlin with
Steve and Freddy's help.

Met Capt Steve, Freddy, and our new amigo Joel at the light house
at 0600. Then it was off to the rock.

Made it to Corbetena about 0800ish to find poor weather, more
logs and stumps in the water than you can shake a stick at (ha ha),
and off-colored water.......BUT, there was lots of bait working and
tuna (50-100lbers) jumping all over the place.

Unfortunately, we just couldn't get them to bite. We threw
everything at them, (including the neighbor's kitchen sink!) but just
couldn't get them to bite.

Fortunately, the weather and water color improved for the
afternoon and we finally stuck a sail about 3 pm. Then had a
dorado bite and then something with allot of teeth that only left
behind about 1 pound out of 5 pound skippy. Went through a bit of
lul in the action, when a big Blue Marlin hit the shotgunned chorra.
Freddy set the hook, handed me the rod and it was game on for
the next hour and 18 minutes - what an awesome battle on that
50lb tackle! Want to thank Capt Steve for his boat handling skills.
There's no way that I would have landed that fish if he hadn't
backed down on it so agressively, so many times. Seems like
evertime I got her somewhat close, she turned her head and
peeled off a couple hundred feet of line. After doing that about a
dozen times, she finally came along side the boat. Unfortunately,
she was in bad shape and gut hooked. Sucked. I would have liked
to have relased her. But, I understand things don't always turn out
that way.

After we got her on board, she taped out at 595. She was weighed
later that evening on a scale, and came out at 622 lbs.

There's lots of tuna guys. Go GET 'EM!!

Good luck to everyone!
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Puerto Vallarta fishing report August 25 2011 by Larrry Haynes aboard the Ana Maria