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November fishing report Marlin Mania
So far this month
Puerto Vallarta fishing has been incredible the blue Marlin bite has been exploding at El Banco. the Marlin have been biting using slow troll with
lures and also live Skip Jacks the average size this last week was 200-300 lbs. We have also been catching alot of Sailfish averaging 70-100 lbs biting dead and
live bait. at el morro and Corbetena. Further offshore at the Islands there has been a big Yellowfin tuna bite averaging 100-300 lbs but way offshore 75-100 miles
From the Marina Vallarta So if you want to catch a trophy Cow Tuna they are out there but you need a overnight charter. Yellowfin tuna have also been feeding
closer at the 36 mile grounds Corbetena and 50 mile marker El Banco but have been averaging  50-150 lbs.  Mahi Mahi have been biting both inshore and
offshore but like always it seems the further out you go the bigger the Mahi. Everything is out there right now Marlin, Sailfish, Yellowfin tuna, Mahi mahi. All the big
game fish Puerto Vallarta is known for is in Season and biting.
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Want to catch a world
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