Most Frequently Asked Questions about Puerto Vallarta sportfishing charters
Do we need a Puerto Vallarta fishing license?
Yes but all of  PV sportfishing charters include licenses for
Can We pay for our Puerto Vallarta fishing charter with Credit
Yes we accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Additional fees may apply
Can We Target a certain Game fish on our Puerto Vallarta
fishing charter?
Absolutely as long as the fish that you are after is in season than
that's what we will target and thats what you will bring home! check
out our
Puerto Vallarta fishing chart for more info on Puerto Vallarta
fishing seasons
How many hours should I book to target 1,000 lb
The Bank is normally the hottest spot to catch Big marlin it
is 50 miles out of the bay and you need a 12 hour trip  to
get in a good Day. check out our
Marlin Q@A page here for
info on Puerto Vallarta Marlin fishing
When is the best time of the year to catch Marlin, Tuna, Sailfish,
Mahi etc?
See our Puerto Vallarta fishing chart. or Our Puerto Vallarta fishing
Can I have My fish Mounted?
Absolutely We can arrange to have your fish mounted
through taxidermists located in Florida just mention it to
your captain and he will hook you up.
Where can I get my fish cleaned?
Our Crew will clean and prepare the fish for you as a part of
your charter.
Does the crew speak english?
Yes all of captains are bilingual.
Can we practice catch and release?
Yes we always encourage catch and release especially with
bill fish but it is your fish and you can do whatever you want
with it.
Can I fish with my own gear?
Sure why not if you have some new gear you would like to
try out or maybe something that always brings you good
luck go ahead bring it along but we do supply the finest
gear money can buy.
We Hope this Page answer's any questions you may have about Puerto Vallarta
fishing but if you need any more info at all Please
contact us  
Is there life jackets on the boat?
Yes all Charters include life jackets for adults and children
What is the average size of Puerto Vallarta Yellowfin
The bigger Yellowfin tuna in Puerto Vallarta average
100-350 lbs check more info about Yellowfin tuna
fishing at our
Yellowfin tuna Q and A page here
Are deposits refundable?
Deposits are refundable if the weather is bad and the port
 If the port does not close all deposits are non
but can be transfered for a future date. If
cancelled 1 week in advance of charter date.
PV Sportfishing
What is included on fishing charters?
All fishing Charters include Cooler with ice, Live bait, all the
fishing gear, fishing licenses, life jackets, and captain and crew.
Are Charter prices per person?
No All fishing charters prices are for private charters for the whole
boat not per person. See our
fishing charters for more info
How far is el banco from Puerto Vallarta? How long does it take to
get there?
The Bank or El Banco is approximately 50 miles from the Marina Vallarta
fishing map.  It takes Appoximately 2 hours to reach from the Marina
Will I get a refund if we get Seasick and want to come back
No You will not be refunded any money if you want to come back
early due to sea sickness or any other reason. That is not our fault
and you will be charged the full amount agreed upon when orginal
charter was reserved.
PV Sportfishing is located in the Marina Vallarta in Puerto Vallarta Mexico for more information
about us or about Puerto Vallarta fishing please give us a call or send us an  e-mail
or click links below to learn more about Puerto Vallarta fishing charters.

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What happens if there is bad weather the day of my charter ?
All charters go out as scheduled rain or shine unless the port closes
if the port does not close all deposits are non refundable.  If the port
does close we will either reschedule or refund your deposit.