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*Captain Steve Torres
Puerto Vallarta fishing report 2/25/2009
Hello world here is a another fresh Puerto Vallarta fishing
report We went out on the luhrs yesterday with captain Steve
and crew Freddy and Mario. We left the docks at 5 am and
heading out  past the banks for yellow fin tuna, right when We
arrived by Islands the tuna's were boiling We got a double
hook up with a couple gogle eyes's, 1 got away but Dan
reeled in a nice 40 lb football, The next hook up Captain  
Steve Casted in some live bait and Hooked another nice
tuna  and  then boom another double hook up  2 more yellow
fins about 50-60 lbs! After that catch, We drove around in a
cricle and starting drifting into the school of tuna and hooked
up another 60 punder! Next Dan was up again and this time
Hooked probable the biggest tuna of the day after fighting it
on  50 lb test for about a 1/2 hour He reeled it in and We
decided to start trolling for dorado. about a 20 minutes later
closer to the boat We noticed there was another dorado right
behind the one We had hooked so Freddy casted some live
bait and and again We had a double Hook up We have been
eating alot of dorado so we released one and brought one
home.  after that We headed back it was great trip and We
brought home alot more then supper. We heard on the radio
there was alot of dorado action off the point of punta de mita
also so all the boats had a great day staying inside or going
all the way out! See updated
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