Fishing in Puerto Vallarta Mexico.
Puerto Vallarta fishing
PV Sportfishing
PV Sportfishing is located in the Marina Vallarta in Puerto Vallarta Mexico for more information about us or about Puerto Vallarta
fishing please give us a call, send us an
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Fishing in Puerto Vallarta is becoming as well known as PV
it's self fishing has always been a part of Puerto Vallarta
Mexico, It is how alot of fathers have supported there family's
for years here, Puerto Vallarta started as a small fishing
village and has become toursit destination visited by over 2
million people a year, though the fishing in Puerto Vallarta
has slowed down a little bit, it remains one of the best
sportfishing destinations world wide for big and small game

The Fishing Spots.
When your fishing in Puerto Vallarta for big Game fish, you
will most likely hit El Banco or Past El Banco 50 -80 miles
offshore, this is for all the anglers that want the full Puerto
Vallarta big game fishing experience 200-300 lb Yellowfin
tuna, and of course those 400-1,200 lb black Marlin We have
all been reading about and also what Puerto Vallarta fishing
is most known for. Also plentiful at El Banco is Wahoo,
Sailfish, Dorado, and big grouper simple put if You want the
best chance at catching the biggest fish in Puerto Vallarta El
Banco is where you go. charters to el Banco are 50+miles
offshore 12 hour days.

Fishing at La Corbetena 36 miles offshore,
la Corbetena is also very plentiful for big tuna and Black Marlin
if you cant spend the full 12 hour day fishing in Puerto Vallarta
then Corbetena is where you go and sometimes it is better
then El Banco depending on season thats fishing you never
know, but we find the bank will pruduce bigger fish on a bigger
scale but a trip to Corbetena is still killer fishing sailfish, blue
and black marlin, Wahoo, and Dorado,
La Corbetena 36 miles offshore 10 hour day charter.

Fishing at El Morro 22 miles offshore is also a great Puerto
Vallarta fishing experience El Morro is well known for sailfish
smaller yellowfin tuna, lots dorado, grouper, Wahoo, and  
100-200 lb blue and black marlin, if you want to catch
anything bigger then a 100 lbs fishing in Puerto Vallarta then
you need to go to one of these 3 places or further offshore.
El morro 22 miles offshore 8 hour fishing Charter.