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Puerto Vallarta fishing Dorado
You can catch Dorado all year in around in Puerto Vallarta but are most plentiful in the hotter
months of the year.  You  can fish for Dorado with live bait, lures, or jigs trolling and casting. In
Summer months you can normally find smaller Dorado inside Bandera's bay but as the
weather cools down you  need to get outside the bay either to El Morro, la Corbetena or el
banco wherever the hotter bite is. If you want to catch bigger Dorado over 20 lbs you typically
always need to go offshore to La Corbetena or el Banco.  
Puerto Vallarta Dorado average
size offshore is 20-50 lbs inshore 5-15 lbs.   Check out our
Puerto Vallarta fishing reports to
see where the Dorado will be biting on your fishing trip to Puerto Vallarta Mexico