Puerto Vallarta fishing report by  PV Sportfishing
PV Sportfishing
La Cruz Nayarit annual Marlin tournament July 16  2011
Captain Steve Torres and captain Luis Ramos win  1st and 2nd
place Marlin in this years 5th Annual Marlin and Tuna tournament.
It was a great tournament lots of  Blue Marlin,
Yellowfin tuna,
Sailfish and Mahi mahi. 1st place Marlin went to Captain Steve
Torres on the Ana Maria and  Captain Luis Ramos won 2nd place
Marlin aboard the Animal house. I had the pleasure to fish both  
with captain Steve Torres see my full report below.

Captain Steve Torres wins 1st place Marlin in La Cruz Tournament

Captain Steve Torres  does it again!

Puerto Vallarta fishing tournament Day 1 July 15
The boats set out at 7 am Captain Steve had caught 4 marlins the
previous week and had marked a couple hot spots around the
rock, the crew caught some bigger live baits and we starting trolling
just after 10 am we had our first hook up Steve hit the throttle and
the fight was on We reeled in the 335 lb Blue Marlin in an hour and
a half . The rest of the day was pretty cold after that but we had our
trophy fish.

Puerto Vallarta fishing tournament Day 2 July 16
We had a big rain Storm that lasted all night and continued into the
early Morning for the ride out by 9 am  it was clears sky's.  and
about the same time as the day before a little after 10 am we had
our first hook a big Sailfish to bad this is not a Sailfish tournament
so the crew released the Sail and We starting trolling again but no
more bites we starting heading back to the
marina at about 4pm.
We had heard 2 other Marlin catches today on the radio so we
were running back with our fingers crossed and ended up on top
by about 20 lbs. Congratulations to all the contestants this year for
making another great tournament.
Team Animal House 2nd place Marlin photos
1st and 2nd  place Marlin fishing report
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